CR90 Corvette
Silhouette: 5
Speed: 3
Handling: -1
Defense (F/P/S/A): 2/1/1/2
Armor: 5
HT Threshold: 50
SS Threshold: 25
Hull Type/Class: Corvette/CR90
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Long
Crew: 165 crew
Encumbrance Capacity: 2500
Passenger Capacity: 600
Consumables: One year
Cost/Rarity: 1,200,000 credits/5
Customization Hard Points: 4
Weapons: 6
Indexes: A-CRB:274, E-CRB:266, F-CRB:266
Notes: The numbers shown for Encumbrance, Passengers, and Crew are maximums for each respective category. Depending on configuration, the Crew complement can be as small as 30, and there is a trade-off between the number of Passengers and the amount of Encumbrance that can be carried. Image from