Suwantek TL-1200 Transport
Silhouette: 5
Speed: 3
Handling: -3
Defense (F/P/S/A): 1/1/1/1
Armor: 3
HT Threshold: 26
SS Threshold: 15
Hull Type/Class: Freighter/TL-1200
Manufacturer: Suwantek Systems
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 12
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Short
Crew: One pilot, one co-pilot, one engineer, three crew
Encumbrance Capacity: 600
Passenger Capacity: 8
Consumables: Three month
Cost/Rarity: 170,000 credits/6
Customization Hard Points: 4
Weapons: 2
Indexes: LoNH:115
Notes: Up to 100 passengers in the cargo holds. Image taken from