Elaiza's Lightsaber
Skill: Lightsaber
Damage: 10
Critical: 1
Range: Engaged
Encumbrance: 0
HP: 0
Special: Breach 1, Defensive 1, Deflection 2, Sunder, Vicious 2,
Indexes: JoY:83
Notes: The crystal set in Elaiza's Lightsaber is damaged and worn. Once it has been switched on, make a Force Check especially for the lightsaber at the beginning of each subsequent turn. On a roll of [DARK_POINT], the lightsaber flickers and uses the following profile until it is switched off for a turn (Lightsaber; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range[Engaged]). On a result of [DARK_POINT][DARK_POINT], the lightsaber shuts down, and does not count as a weapon at all.