Vicious (Passive)
Ranked: Yes
Effect: Add 10 times the Vicious rating to the critical roll.
Indexes: A-CRB:171, E-CRB:157, F-CRB:164
Weapons with Vicious: Anti-Personnel Mine, Basilisk Claws, Blood Blade, Ceremonial shamshir, Combat Vibroblade, Corellian Cutlass, Cortosis Sword, Crude Gamorrean vibro-ax, Czerka "Czerhander" VX Vibro-Greatsword, Czerka Arms A95 Stingbeam, Czerka CZ-28 Flamestrike, Czerka Vibroknuckles, Disruptor Pistol, Disruptor Rifle, Droid Disruptor, Elaiza's Lightsaber, Golan Arms FC1 Flechette Launcher (Anti-Infantry), Golan Arms FC1 Flechette Launcher (Anti-Vehicle), Greff-Timms ATA Pulse-Wave Blaster, Hand Grinder, Heavy Repeating Blaster, HH-50 Heavy Blaster Pistol, Hidden Razor-dagger, Kelvarek Consolidated Arms KD-30 "Dissuader" Pistol, Laserhone Huntsman Vibrospear, Lightsaber, Massive vibro-ax, Mining Beam Drill, Mk VIII Vibrosaw, MSW-9 Molecular Stiletto, Oversized Vibroknife, Pair of vibroknucklers, Parrying Vibroblade, Reinforced Vibrosword, Rodian Cryogen Whip, Salus DF-D1 Duo-Flechette Rifle, Scrap crossbow, Serrated Vibroknife, Sith Shield, SoroSuub HOB Heavy Repeating Blaster, SoroSuub Model 7 Therm-Ax, SoroSuub VX "Sidewinder" Repeating Blaster, Spiked knuckle-gloves, Stabbing Sword, Stealth Vibroknife, Stone Sword, Styanax Lance, TaggeCo CryoBan Projector, Tenloss L70 Acid Projector, Thermal Detonator, Two built-in twin droideka heavy blasters, Vibro-ax, Vibro-trident, Vibroknife, Vibroknucklers, Vibroscalpel, Vibrosword, Viper-blade Reaper