Limited Ammo (Passive)
Ranked: Yes
Effect: May be used to make a number of attacks equal to it's Limited Ammo rating before it must be reloaded.
Indexes: A-BGR:32, A-CRB:170, E-BGR:32, E-CRB:156, F-BGR:32, F-CRB:163
Weapons with Limited Ammo: 12 Defender, Anti-Armor, Anti-Personnel Mine, Anti-Vehicle Mine, Armor Piercing Grenade, Ascian Throwing Dagger, Atgar SpaceDefense 1.8 FD Autoturret, Aurateran Boomerang, Bag of Sleeping Powder, Bola, Brennkeyes Syndicate Knockout Mine, Concussion bow, Corellian Compound Bow, Coronet Arms Dueling Pistol, CSPL-12 Projectile Launcher (Frag Grenade), Electronet, Explosive, Explosive Tipped Arrow, Fear Stick, Felebreck Droid Disabler, Field Sports FS19 Compound Bow, Fire Bomb, Flechette, Frag Grenade, FWG-5 Flechette Pistol, Golan Arms FC1 Flechette Launcher (Anti-Infantry), Golan Arms FC1 Flechette Launcher (Anti-Vehicle), Golan Arms MK.4 Heavy Fragmentation Grenade, Goseia HIC "Mercy" Grenade, Gungan Atlatl, Gungan Plasma Ball, Hand Crossbow, Incendiary, Incendiary Arrow, Ion, Kirgo Blastworks Lightning 22 Ion Grenade, Kirgo Blastworks Nova40 Plasma Grenade, Knockout Grenade, Koromondain SVT-300 Stun Cloak, KWS Mk I Saberdart, LJ-50 Concussion Rifle, Longbow, Loronar Spray Rifle, Malaxan Z50 Grenade Launcher, Merr-Sonn D-24 Inferno Grenade, Merr-Sonn G2 Concussion Grenade, Merr-Sonn N-4 Noise Grenade, Mini-Torpedo, Anti-Personnel, Mini-Torpedo, Armor Piercing, Mini-Torpedo, Ink, Mini-Torpedo, Ion, Mini-Torpedo, Net, Mini-Torpedo, Stun, Missile Tube, Mon Cal Defenses Mini-Torpedo Launcher, Net, Net Arrow, Palandrix AO14 "Aranea" Net Gun, Poison Gas Grenade, Prax Arms Stealth-2VX Palm Shooter, Rivet Gun, Salus DF-D1 Duo-Flechette Rifle, SH-9 Slugthrower Pistol, Shaped Thermal Grenade, Snare Launcher, Soporific-Tipped Bow and Arrows, SoroSuub Wipe-3 Data-Purge Grenade, Speizoc Spore Stun Grenade, Spore/B Stun Grenade, Stun Arrow, Stun Grenade, Styanax Lance, Tenloss Spray Foam Grenade, Thermal Detonator, Throwing Knives, Variable Holdout Blaster, XET Industries Model C "Fiver" Self-Defense Pistol