Ensnare (Active)
Ranked: Yes
Effect: The target is immobilized for a number of rounds equal to the weapon's Ensnare rating.
Indexes: A-CRB:169, E-CRB:156, F-CRB:163
Weapons with Ensnare: Bola, Bola Carbine, Electronet, Grapple arms, Longeing Whip, Merr-Sonn Munitions G-20 Glop Grenade, Mini-Torpedo, Net, Multi-Goo Gun, Net, Neuronic Whip, Palandrix AO14 "Aranea" Net Gun, Retractable Blade Incisors, Rivet Gun, Rodian Cryogen Whip, Snare Launcher, Stokhli Spray Stick, Tangle Gun 7