Burn (Active)
Ranked: Yes
Effect: If the attack is successful, the target continues to take the weapon's base damage for a number of rounds equal to the weapon's Burn rating.
Indexes: A-CRB:169, E-CRB:155, F-CRB:162
Weapons with Burn: "Firecaller" Light Flame Projector, Berserker Rifle, Built-in Acid Jet, Czerka CZ-28 Flamestrike, Fire Bomb, Flame Projector, Gungan Atlatl, Gungan Plasma Ball, Incendiary, Incendiary Arrow, Loronar Spray Rifle, Merr-Sonn C908 Incendiary Missile, Merr-Sonn D-24 Inferno Grenade, SoroSuub Model 7 Therm-Ax, Tenloss L70 Acid Projector