Forged in Battle


Weapon Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Price Rarity Special Index
SE-14C Blaster Pistol Ranged [Light] 5 4 Short 1 2 650 6 Auto-Fire, Stun Setting, FiB:42
A280 C Heavy Blaster Rifle Ranged [Heavy] 9 4 Long 5 2 1,800 7 Accurate 1, Cumbersome 3, Stun Setting, FiB:43
DH-17 Blaster Carbine Ranged [Heavy] 8 3 Medium 2 3 900 6 Auto-Fire, Inaccurate 1, Stun Setting, FiB:43
Pulse Cannon Ranged [Heavy] 9 3 Engaged 5 1 (R) 2,750 6 Cumbersome 3, Pierce 2, Slow-Firing 1, As a maneuver, prime the cannon to expend all ammunition in a single shot. The next shot counts as having the Breach 1 and Vicious 3 qualities, and the weapon runs out of ammunition. FiB:43


Talent Activation Ranked Force Sensitive Index
Ambush Active (Maneuver) False False FiB:34
Barrage Passive True False A-BGR:27, FiB:34, E-BGR:27, E-CRB:132
Blind Spot Passive False False FiB:34, KtP:30
Body Guard Active (Maneuver) True False A-CRB:143, FiB:34, E-BGR:27, E-CRB:132, F-BGR:27, F-CRB:140
Body Guard (Improved) Active (Incidential, Out of Turn) False False LbE:34, FiB:34, E-BGR:27, F-CRB:140
Body Guard (Supreme) Passive False False FiB:34
Burly Passive True False FiB:34, DC:32
Conditioned Passive True False LbE:34, FiB:34, F-CRB:141
Cunning Snare Active (Action) False False FiB:34
Heavy Hitter Active (Incidential) False False FiB:35, DC:32
Heroic Resilience Active (Incidential, Out of Turn) False False FiB:35, DC:32
Moving Target Passive True False FiB:35
One with Nature Passive False False FiB:35, SS:31
Prey on the Weak Passive True False FiB:35, F-CRB:149
Prime Positions Passive True False FiB:35, KtP:31
Rain of Death Active (Maneuver) False False FiB:35, DC:32
Seize the Initiative Active (Maneuver) False False FiB:35
Suppressing Fire Passive True False FiB:35, KtP:31


Ability Description Index
Digging Claws Before using a maneuver to move, an Elom may spend a maneuver to dig, allowing the character to use that move maneuver to travel through loose soil or similar terrain. At the GM's discretion, this excavation can result in a low, narrow tunnel that others can use. FiB:21
Dense Musculature Kyuzo are adapted for relatively high gravity, and can make bounding leaps on most other worlds. Once per round as a maneuver, a Kyuzo may suffer 3 strain to leap horizontally or vertically to any location within medium range. FiB:24
Hunter's Instincts When making a check for Initiative, a Shistavanen may make a Survival check instead of a Cool or Vigilance check. FiB:26