Savage Spirits


Talent Activation Ranked Force Sensitive Index
Animal Bond (Improved) Passive False True SS:30
Deathblow Passive False False SS:30
Essential Kill Passive False True SS:30
Force Connection Passive False True SS:30
Harass Active (Incidential) False False SS:30
Holistic Navigation Active (Incidential) False True SS:30
Hunter's Quarry Active (Action) False False EtU:30, SS:30
Hunter's Quarry [Improved] Passive False False EtU:30, SS:30
Intuitive Navigation Passive False True SS:30
Lethal Blows Passive True False A-CRB:151, E-CRB:138, SS:30
Marked for Death Active (Maneuver) False True SS:30
Master Starhopper Active (Incidential) False False A-CRB:151, E-CRB:139, SS:31
Menace Active (Maneuver) False False SS:31
Mind Over Matter Active (Incidential, Out of Turn) False False SS:31
One with Nature Passive False False SS:31
Planet Mapper Passive True False SS:31
Precise Aim Active (Maneuver) True False E-BGR:29, E-CRB:141, SS:31
Shortcut Passive True False A-CRB:155, E-CRB:142, SS:31
Shortcut (Improved) Passive False False SS:31
Soothing Tone Active (Action) False False SoT:33, SS:31
Studious Plotting Passive False False SS:31
Survival of the Fittest Active (Incidential) False True SS:31
Terrifying Kill Active (Maneuver) False True SS:31


Ability Description Index
Mood Indicator In an Anx's head-crest is not covered, the character upgrades the difficulty of Deception checks once. SS:19
Force Power Farsight Expand normal cisual senses through a connection to the force. SS:36